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The Dell SonicWALL Customer Loyalty Bundle is open to qualified customers who participate in Secure Upgrade Plus for an upgrade or a Competitive Trade-In. The Customer Loyalty Bundle offer provides participants with preferred pricing (30 percent off appliance MSRP) on the purchase of one product from each of Dell SonicWALL’s other product lines, in addition to their upgrade or Competitive Trade-In discount.
  • Upgrade your entire network.
  • Receive 30 percent off of any additional Dell SonicWALL hardware solution.
  • Qualify for discounts on multiple appliances.
  • Enable mobile worker productivity without compromising security.

Please fill out the forn below to receive a Customer Loyalty Bundle voucher to be sent to your email address. Take your voucher to your reseller and receive a 30 percent discount on a complimentary product.


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